As with the previous few weeks, SetToDestroyX is entering this week with 97 points, a handsome lead over 2nd place Epsilon at 77. Luminosity, a team which scored zero points the first week, has risen to third place at 72 points and is within range to overtake Epsilon for that 2nd place spot. Rogue starts off the middle of the pack at 57 points with the following 4 teams less than 10 points behind. Leading into this match, we could expect to see another shake-up in the middle of the pack, whereas SetToDestroyX, Epsilon, and Luminosity could all be contenders for the title of first place.


The safe zone is shown to be in the southeastern area of the map, starting off centered around Spence Hills. Rogue, who started to the west of Pleasant Valley, got caught by Tempo Storm attempting to rotate into the safe area. Moose landed two headshots on Riki during the rotation which resulted in the first frag awarded to Tempo Storm. As the toxic gas rolled in, Tempo Storm and Cloud9 are both overtaken by the gas on the northern edge, resulting in a scramble for positioning just inside of that safe area. Cloud9 made it to the safe zone just before Tempo Storm, forcing Tempo Storm to drop smokes in an attempt to heal through the damage taken. ImperalHal drops a frag grenade right underneath Tempo Storms vehicle, eliminating two of Tempo Storm’s members. Tempo Storm’s KandiVan is the only player able to trade out an elimination on Cloud9, before falling to Frexs. With little room to breathe thanks to the toxic gas, Cloud9 continues to move from north to east into the safe zone but falls to the leading team SetToDestroyX. ProdigyAces fagged Frexs while DougisRaw took out the three remaining members of Cloud9.


As the gas phases pushed players closer and closer to the breaking point, Vitality split and pushed Gankstars on the south side. Vitality’s pinch showed incredible precision including a frag from MakeZ over 260 meters away. On the east side, Noble is eliminated by Impact. Impact, with only Mig_99 left standing, is eliminated by Team SoloMid’s Shellshock. Shots rang out on the westside as Obey Alliance found themselves pinched between Alliance and SetToDestroyX, leading to their defeat. Echo Fox, Luminosity, and Team SoloMid all fall from team fire while they attempted to run from the toxic gas. Alliance is forced to run from a pinch play straight into Vitality. Vitality frags two members of Alliance but barely survives the push with Clem driving away, only to fall to Epsilon. Rogue is eliminated by SetToDestroyX while trying to escape Counter Logic Gaming. SetToDestroyX, with 5 members still up continue their push into CLG, eliminating the team. Epsilon moved to a rock formation in the center safe zone for excellent cover, which just happened to be the best location to take a fight with Alliance. Epsilon loses Riddarn in the fight, leaving the final fight to 4 versus 5 members of SetToDestroyX.


At this point, Epsilon has the safe zone, superior cover, and 4 members alive. All 5 members of SetToDestroyX are forced to push Epsilon with no cover of their own. SetToDestoyX makes effective use of smoke grenades as three members wrap to the right of their smoke cover and two rotate left. Melander, Fjeldern, and BallonG all fall at long range leaving only ApexShay. ProdigyAces finished the wide smoke rotation and cleaned up the final elimination, securing a 2x modifier to all elimination points in the first round.


By playing smart on every rotation, SetToDestroyX picked up 16 eliminations for the largest point gain in a single game thus far at 32 points. Vitality claimed the number 2 spot with 13 points, followed by Rogue at 11. Epsilon was only able to score 9 points in the first round, pushing SetToDestroyX even further ahead in the overall standings.


Round 2 kicked off with another southern start. This time, the first gas ring centered on the southern side of Cranberry. With so much of the safe zone covering residential areas and mountainous terrain, teams are able to find ample cover. Rogue’s Riki, the first player eliminated from the first round, landed the first elimination by destroying Cloud9’s offroader and catching Aydren in the explosion.


The safe zone eventually pulls players out of the residential and farm areas of Cranberry into a wide open area just east of Runamok lake. Impact is the first team that left the safety of their location with the entire team piling into a single offroader. Immediately upon exiting the farm, Impact’s offroader took fire from Echo Fox and Counter Logic Gaming forcing the team to exit the vehicle with no cover in sight. Impact dives onto Echo Fox and ends up being the first team eliminated from round two with only two points scored on Echo Fox. Cloud9 and Alliance are both driven from the gas with both teams taking heavy losses in the engagement. Alliance came out on top with both Colje and MP left standing. As Cloud9 was eliminated, SetToDestroyX found strong cover near the north edge of the safe zone. From SetToDestroyX’s position, they exterminated Tempo Storm as they attempted to move into the safe zone. As toxic gas pressured Counter Logic Gaming, they engaged Echo Fox from the same side Impact Gaming had failed to push earlier. Echo Fox’s Sloth took the role of the aggressor for this engagement by destroying CLG’s vehicle and eliminating Grimmybear and Creanak. Knowing CLG is weakened, Crank and Sloth blitz CLG and eliminate the team. Echo Fox’s victory is short lived as Team SoloMid destroyed Echo Fox’s remaining vehicle.


Ten teams remain as the toxic gas continued to apply pressure to the teams that remained. Obey Alliance and Noble are both nudged from their cover into a ridgeline that could only support one team. Obey Alliance narrowly escaped defeat as three of their members survived with less than 40 health remaining. Hungry for more points, Vitality took a fight with the two remaining members of Rogue, but Gankstars capitalized on this and wiped Vitality from behind. As the last remaining member of Alliance falls to the toxic gas, Luminosity pursues the same strategy as Gankstars, but Gankstars was ready for the attack and eliminates Luminosity. Epsilon rotated into the safe area from the south-west and eliminated Rogue, leaving 5 teams left. From Epsilon’s new location, they were able to score another team elimination frag and drop Obey from the match. Gankstars started trading shots with Epsilon but neglected to cover their back, leaving them open to a team wipe caused by Team SoloMid.


Epsilon and SetToDestroyX entered the top 3 with three players up while Team SoloMid held the high ground with only two players remaining. As the safe area diminished in size, Epsilon was the only team inside of the new safe area.  SetToDestroyX was forced into the open and managed to trade one player with Epsilon before falling to Team SoloMid’s Shellshock. Team SoloMid was then forced from their high ground into the open and fell to BallonG and Fjeldern for the final elimination.


While Epsilon was able to secure the win, they still lost to Team SoloMid due to their point total. Team SoloMid came out on top for Round 2 scoring 17 points while Epsilon secured 14 and SetToDestroyX followed in third with 12 points. Unfortunately for Epsilon, gaining two points over SetToDestroyX would not be enough to catch up with the massive 32-point game they scored in Round 1. Week 5 ends with SetToDestroyX pulling even further ahead at 141 points overall. Epsilon still holds second place, now 41 points behind SetToDestroyX. Luminosity still holds third place at 81 points followed by Rogue with 71 points. With the top three ascending away from the pack, this looks to be turning into a 3-team game between Luminosity, Epsilon, and SetToDestroyX. 

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