With SetToDestroyX scoring a monstrous 44 points between the games played in week 3, they are entering Week 4 with a comfortable lead at 75 points. The current second place team, Epsilon eSports is holding at 49 points with Echo Fox hot on their heels at 47 points. With 2nd through 9th place all being within 10 points of each other, Week 4 could see a large mix-up in the center of the pack.

During the rotation to the first safe zone, Impact Gaming throws a few long shots over at Alliance and Team SoloMid while the teams rotate in. TSM Geesh is taken down to 1HP by Obey Alliance but manages to heal at the last possible second to avoid being the first player down during Round 1. The first player down this week will be none other than Melander of Epsilon, who gets taken out by a vehicle explosion thanks to an impressive 191m magnum shot landed by Rogue Riki.

As the game progresses, the 5th ring of toxic gas forces Impact to move into a lane of fire covered by Obey Alliance, Epsilon, and Rogue. This results in a full team wipe and Impact gaming only securing 2 points for this round.

Within just the next minute, 23 players are eliminated as 14 teams simply cannot remain standing in such a small space.  The toxic gas forces Team SoloMid into a position covered by CLG and Tempo Storm resulting in TSM’s elimination. Noble is eliminated by SetToDestroyX, who only loses one player in a trade. Tempo Storm’s Kandivan eliminates Grimmybear to complete the elimination of CLG, but Grimmybear manages to secure a grenade frag on Kandivan from the grave. Obey Alliance charges into an area covered in smoke by Echo fox and Obey’s Teenage gets two entry frags on his own before being taken down by Crank. Echo Fox is then wiped by the remaining members of Obey Alliance.

The new safe zone settles but the eliminations continue filling the elimination feed as Alliance attempts to force themselves into Cloud9 but end up falling to the shotgun proficiency displayed by C9. Gas catches up to the last remaining member of Tempo Storm, who falls to Vitality. 8 teams remain with only Rogue, Cloud9 and Luminosity Gaming holding on to all 5 of their team members.

Even with 5 members up, Cloud9 is put into an unfavorable spot. With their remaining vehicle on fire, they decide to push into Epsilon, the team currently holding middle ground inside of a small circle of campers. Epsilon proceeds to take the defender’s advantage, using what cover they have to put damage in and dispatch Cloud9’s unsuccessful push.

Seeing the failed push from Cloud9, SetToDestroyX follows up breaching into a softened Epsilon leaving only two SetToDestroyX players remaining and just Riddarn from Epsilon standing inside their own camper.

Meanwhile on the north side of the safe zone, Gankstars is forced into Rogue, resulting in a full team wipe of Gankstars and only Riki left standing on Rogue’s team.

Riddarn, feeling the heat from SetToDestroyX, jumps into a cop car and pushes south, right into Luminosity and a 1v5 situation. LG dispatches Riddarn with relative ease and continues to hold the southern edge.

With just 10 players remaining distributed between 4 teams, Luminosity knows they are the only team with 5 players remaining and begin taking the fight to Obey Alliance. Obey Alliance with just three members is pinched between Rogue Riki and Luminosity Gaming. LG only loses Yogi in the fight and Riki is taken out by SetToDestroyX’s Stompalittle.

The final two teams remaining are SetToDestroyX with Stompalittle and ProdigyAces versus SiigN, JP2, Rogue, and Chipzy from Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity, with four players up, set up different angles of fire throughout the safezone and let SetToDestroyX get pushed out by the gas into their fate for Week 4 Round 1. LG, with the 2x multiplier, scored 18 points that round while SetToDestroyX scored a commendable 17 points for second place. Obey Alliance and Rogue also scored above 10 points that round with 11 each.  

Going into Round 2 for Week 4, the toxic gas landed towards the west side of the map again forcing Impact and Cloud9 into a relatively early fight as compared to Round 1. Cloud9 takes the first loss as Aydren falls to Mig_99. Impact eventually falls back, right into the hands of SetToDestroyX who takes out two Impact players early on. Most notably, Cbkflame ends up falling to a well-placed shot from DougisRaw.

As the toxic gas continues to push players from the edges, the entirety of Cloud9 leave the safety of Coy’s Car Salvage in their offroader to jump out inches in front of SetToDestroyX. As SetToDestroyX and Cloud9 trade shots, CLG capitalizes on this scuffle to eliminate the remaining players on both SetToDestroyX and Cloud9. Rogue falls shortly after with limited cover between Noble and Team SoloMid. CLG takes out Vitality then gets forced out by Echo Fox, only to be eliminated by Impact. JP2 from Luminosity drops 3 Alliance members out of a vehicle and then cleans up the remaining player through smoke. Gas continues to advance, forcing close range engagements between Gankstars and Tempo Storm while Obey Alliance simultaneously pushes into Epsilon’s space. Gankstars and Epsilon each coming out of their individual scuffles on top.

As the final safe zone is revealed, no players are safe. Echo Fox loses their remaining players to Luminosity and Epsilon during the rotation. Noble forces their way towards Luminosity, losing four players and only taking two from Luminosity. Impact is then eliminated by Eplison as the last of qtVenom’s cover is eaten away by the toxic gas. As the dust settles on the final two teams, only Rogue from Luminosity is left alive against Melander, Riddarn, and Fjeldern of Epsilon. Choosing to deny points from Epsilon, Rogue gives his life to the toxic gas.

Epsilon scored 22 points thanks to the 2x modifier while Luminosity, in second place, achieved a solid 15 points from the round. Impact and Noble followed behind with 9 points each.

After two rounds, SetToDestroyX’s strong start but less than stellar finish leaves them still in first place. With now only a 20-point lead over Epsilon, Epsilon is closer to being in a good position to attempt to take the number 1 spot. Luminosity scored enough points to bring them out from the center of the pack into 3rd place overall at 70 points. 4th place is Rogue with 57 points followed closely by Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox, Tempo Storm, and Noble, all within 6 points of each other.

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