The first round for Week 2 shows a safe zone that is starting in the northern area of the map, with both Pleasant Valley and Ranchito in the first safe zone. As teams are moving towards the first safe zone, Impact qtVenom is able to rip Rogue's Ziki out of an offroader while scouting for a safe route to rotate. Aggression continues as Obey Alliance attempts to put more points on the board with a rush leading into an unsuspecting SetToDestroyX. The push fails as Obey Alliance loses four of their members to SetToDestroyX without taking a single point for themselves. Unfortunately for Obey Alliance, their remaining player Teenage is unable to secure a point before falling to Impact Gaming.

As teams look for the best position to hold while the ever-expanding toxic gas approaches, Team SoloMid finds themselves attempting to occupy a trailer which Impact had already taken over. Team SoloMid loses four of their players in the push, but manage to wipe out the entirety of Impact gaming. Rogue was then forced to take a fight with Luminosity by the toxic gas, only to be pinched and eliminated by CLG. Noble, hearing shots ring out over the high ground, rushed in to clean up what was left of CLG. Not one to be left out, Echo Fox then forced their way into Noble and cleared out the remaining players.

Sheer chaos seems to break out as the next toxic gas forced multiple teams out into the open. Shots seemed to ring out from almost every direction as team after team fell. As the dust settled, only Tempo Storm, Cloud9, Vitality, Gankstars, and Echo Fox remain. With all 5 players up, Cloud9 rushed head first into the last two members of Tempo Storm. While Kandivan fell, Tempo Storm's Reptar was able to drop 4 members of Cloud9 before falling to Vitality's Haraw. Aydren stayed back when the rest of Cloud9 rushed Tempo Storm and was able to take down the last remaining player of Vitality.

With 5 players up on Gankstars and only 3 teams remaining, Gankstars moved north towards the remaining members of Echo Fox while Aydren moved south from the northern side. Taking advantage of the smoke, Aydren was able to run over one member of Echo Fox, while dropping a Frag grenade elimination on the other. Gankstars seeing that it was a 5v1 situation, proceeded to push the last remaining player of Cloud9 to finish off the game.

While Gankstars was the last team standing, they were only able to scrape together a total of 8 points even with the 2x modifier. Thanks to Tempo Storm's smart play during Round 1, the team was able to come out on top, scoring a round total of 20 points for the first half.

Round 2 kicks off and the safe zone appears far in the west side of the playable space. Shortly after the safe zone has been revealed, SetToDestroyX catches Epsilon off guard on their rotation and tears BallonG right off their vehicle for the first elimination. Cloud9 elects to hold an area closer to the center of the safe zone. Limited cover provided by the cluster of rocks they chose to hide behind leads to their early demise as they took fire from Luminosity, Tempo Storm, and Vitality.

Once Cloud9 fell, Luminosity gaming shifted their attention to the overall leader, Epsilon. Feeling the heat and throwables come in, Epsilon's remaining 4 man team jumped into a cop car and bolted towards a camper circle occupied by Echo Fox. Rather than living to fight another day, Epsilon engages Echo Fox and placed 13th with 4 points thanks to the shotguns of both Crank and Prox.

As the safe zone shrink and teams drop, only Impact, Alliance, Luminosity, Noble, and Gankstars are able to hold out until the top 5. Luminosity engages Noble from a ridgeline while Gankstars goes for a pinch play on Noble. The pinch is successful as Noble is taken down by Gankstars before Luminosity is able to secure their eliminations. Gankstar's last player, Kyraig, attempts to continue to push but is shut down by Luminosity's Rogue. With Noble and Gankstars down, only 4 players split across 3 teams remain. As Rogue rotates to a better angle to engage Mig_99 and Bloodinfernoo of Impact, Bloodinfernoo is able to drop the last player from Alliance. Rogue peeks over the top of his ridge just enough to take down Mig_99 without exposing himself to Bloodinfernoo. Bloodinfernoo rushes Rogue to force a shotgun fight and Rogue clutches the final shot.

Round 2 results grant Luminosity 22 points for the 11 elimination victory, whereas the 2nd place team for Round 2 only earned 12 points. The victory pulled Luminosity from the last place position with zero eliminations, all the way into 10th place. Epsilon is still the overall leader with 39 points, followed closely by Tempo Storm at 33 points and Rogue with 32. If Luminosity is able to continue this momentum, we could very well see a new unexpected leader next week.

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