Mission Statement

It is the mission of the H1Z1 Pro League to create the next generation of esports leagues by operating with integrity and dedication to players and teams to create a sustainable ecosystem.


Building the League

We built this league on

the foundation of what we call "the Player Bill of Rights" – a document that will help to guide and inform ALL decisions by the League

We built this league on

establishing minimum player salaries as well as guaranteeing franchised teams a share of the League profits from DAY 1.

We built this league on

transparency, and have made sure there is a governance committee that includes elected Player representation.

Teams will share

in League profits on day one, and they will also receive a guaranteed stipend in year one large enough to help them meet minimum player salary requirements.


Player-First Approach

Stability for Players

Minimum Compensation
Contract Standards


Player & Team Representation on the Governance Committee

Stability for Teams

Franchised Spots
Profit Sharing


Set Calendars with Off-Seasons to Rest & Prepare

The H1Z1 Pro League

will feature 15 teams of five players all facing off
against each other live, face to face, in a spectacular arena each week.

All teams physically present at one location, playing in the same game at the same time, seeking glory – while ALL the fans for each and every team watch that same game. A total focus of drama, passion, achievement and participation for everyone involved. Every single league match moment is always experienced together.

Every Single Time.


The Format

So, what are the basics?

15 teams each containing no less than 5 players will compete in an H1PL season.

Each season is divided into two splits.

Each split is comprised of 10 events with 1 event occurring once a week for 10 weeks.

Each event is comprised of 4 matches and will be live, in person, and on LAN.

Matches will take place inside an arena, where audiences and fans can attend, utilizing our custom-built circular stage.

Teams will compete for total cumulative match points over the course of an entire season and kills will receive significant point emphasis. This means that a survival strategy that revolves around minimizing engagement and encounters will be much less rewarding, and aggressive team tactics and balanced strategy are critical.


The Championship

More Prizes
Bigger Venue
More Viewers

Agreement StandardS

League Set Contract Standards
Fair & Reasonable Terms
Travel & Living Standards
Work & Life Balance

All players shall receive at least the
league-set minimum compensation


Governance Committee

Rules & Regulations

Minimum Player Compensation

Split Format & Scoring

Penalty Guidelines


The Future of H1Z1

Dedication to the

H1Z1 Pro League

Commitment to the

Player Experience

Elevating the

Broadcast Experience


Broadcast Viewability


Automated Spectator Camera

Increased Action

Mid-Range Combat

Visual Cues

Versus Bar & UI Overlays
API's for Arenas


22-Minute Match
for 1/2 Hour Programming

Second Screen

Watch Page Enhancements

Mass Audience Friendly

Easy to Understand


Committed to League Success

Dedicated Pro
League Build

Combat Practice

(Respawn, Smaller Map)

League Splits
Dictate Meta Changes

Special League

Communication Channels



Player Eligibility

To be considered part of the eligible
player pro pool in year one you must:


Have achieved Royalty I status at any time before the next in game pre-season ends.


Have a fully registered and verified Twin Galaxies / Daybreak account that is in good standing.


Be 17 years of age. Organizations wishing to play a 16 year old player may petition the League for permission with extenuating circumstances.

Meeting those requirements will place you into the eligible player pro pool that all franchised teams must select from.

Twin Galaxies will always be supplying all franchised teams access to the active list of eligible players, and will additionally be promoting some optional competitive leaderboards designed to allow pro-players the direct ability to showcase their individual skill sets to recruiting organizations.

Again, no longer is it about popularity. No longer is it about who you know.
Your skills and achievement will drive your opportunity.